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Starting at $430.00

You've spent hours behind a controller. Exploring incredible worlds, fending off inhumane threats, and making new allies. And your character always had a badass ride. But at the end of your session, you always wanted someone to translate that coolness into your own rig. And now we have.

The XD Specter was inspired by the futuristic aesthetics of your favorite games, bringing technical styling, wild graphic finishes, and, let's face it, sheer badassery to your truck IRL.

With an optimized size and bolt patterns designed to fit anything worthy of venturing into the unknown, make your truck the protagonist chariot you always knew it could be.

For once, here's a microtransaction you can get behind.

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Specifications Chart

Part# Model Finish Size Bolt Pattern Backspace Offset Bore Weight Load Lip Size Cap MSRP USD
XD867BQ20105018N XD867 SPECTER GLOSS BLACK W/ RED TINT 20X10 5X127 4.79 -18mm 71.50 41.97 lbs 2500 0.00 T167L1335S9-H34 $430.00

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